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Aliaf Company with Nyran’s brand was established with joint investment of Iranian investors and Allied Chemical Company in Tehran south-western in 1966. The company is the first manufacturer of polymer and nylon-6 filament yarn in Iran which provides its nylon-6 via Caprolactam polymerization process. The factory is consisted of three productive phases that the operation of its first phase began in 1969. In this stage, polymerization with 10 metric tons of dried nylon-6 polymer yarn by Bayer Company’s technology of Germany and spinning section with 10 spinning Beam units which increased to 12 in 1971, were operated.

In 1970, the entire share of American Company was assigned to Bayer Company, Germany. In 1973, unit expansion was established via performing phase 2 with 8 metric tons of dried polymer which was designed by Bayer Company. At the same time with initiating polymerization of phase 2, there are also 6 spinning beams designed and installed in completing the project. Phase 3 of polymerization with 13 metric tons dried chips and the other 6 spinning beams are designed and installed in spinning department and also the drawing and warping sections were developed and Caprolactam recovery section was established in polymerization. Phase 3 was initiated completely in 1976 and at the end the production of company was 10 thousand metric tons in the year. At the same time with development operation, the numbers of draw twisters of phase 1 increased to 19 and in phases 2 & 3 increased to 29 and then the machinery of warping section increased from 3 warpers to 24.


In 1987, the entire share of Bayer Company, Germany was transferred to Mostazafan Foundation, so, it managed all processes of company as a chief stocker from that year until now.


In 1994, Aliaf factory’s plying section was established to produce kinds ofmulti-ply yarns in fish net industries by Japanese machinery made by kuritso factory.


In 2001, 7 texturizing machines made by Barmag Company, Germany were installed and put into operation in this factory. Therefore, the Aliaf texturing salon was inaugurated with qualified degree.


 Renovation projects of polymerization in phase 1, in 1994 and in phases 2&3 during 2002 to 2004 were initiated step by step and all lines of polymerization changed from batchwise production to continuous one.


By renovation in Aliaf Company, the production capacity of polyamide-6 chips increased to 50 metric tons per day and polymerization section is equipped to mechanism of using unreacted monomers and oligumers (refeeding) and increasing viscosity in solid state polymerization (SSP).    

Since July- 2013, after much effort by experts and experienced staff, production line of Spacer fabrics was established. All machinery in this line is modern and made in Germany and Korea. At the present time, this company is able to produce this kind of fabric in different designs and colures. Spacer fabrics can be a serious competitor for the same domestic product in market because of its high quality.




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